Friday, July 30, 2010

Goals for Souls

Grayson (13 yrs.)- At the beginning of the summer I set a goal to lead 100 people to Christ. However, I ended up increasing that number to 300 after the first round of IMPACT. There was alot of pressure on me to complete this goal, not only from others, but from myself. Three hundred is a huge number, especially when there are people who are already saved, a different religion, or just don't care.
Being 13 years old, it was hard to be taken seriously, especially in large group settings. I had always been nervous about sharing the gospel in front of a crowd, but during IMPACT I overcame this fear.
The first time I spoke in front of a crowd, people weren't paying attention. Out of pure frustration I raised my voice to where they could hear me over the noise. My fear was gone; God gave me the courage to share the gospel and ultimately lead 14 people in the Prayer of Salvation.
From then on, everytime there was a large crowd, I was the elected speaker. Despite my fear, God used me, and continues to use me, to reach multiple people at a time. As a result of this God-given courage, I easily met my goal.

Spencer LaMunion Testimony

Rick Turner & Mala Lewis Testimony

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God's Miracle Power

Jessica (15 yrs.)- Lindsey and I came across a woman in Cherry Tree. After leading her into salvation, we asked if she had any pain in her body. She told us that she had pain in her right knee and had difficulty moving it. We explained God's Miracle Power and, with her permission, laid hands on her knee and told the pain to go in the name of Jesus. By the time we left, the pain was completely gone.

-My team and I were driving through Governor's Place when we passed a woman walking her dog. I jumped out of the car to minister to her. I began to ask her questions and soon discovered that she was suffering from a severe back problem that caused her alot of pain. She had endured nine surgeries yet could find no relief. As a believer, she understood God's Miracle Power and was open to my laying hands on her. The first time I prayed, most of the pain vanished except for one area on her lower back. I prayed a second time, and she fully recieved her healing.

Taking Authority

Rebekah (13 yrs.)- During the second round of IMPACT, I had the opportunity to pray for my mom, who had been dealing with some stomach issues. Any amount of pressure caused her great pain and she was unable to sleep peacefully. The pain had become so unbearable that one night, as I was leaving for church, she asked me to lay hands on her. As a believer she already knew that God would heal her. I took authority over the pain in her body and commanded it to go in Jesus' name. The pain fled, and she no longer had trouble sleeping.

Bold as a Lion

Lindsey (13 yrs.)- I've done some pretty daring things on outreach, but one of the most memorable situations was the time that Shelby and I were ministering in Harrisburg. We spotted a woman sitting on her porch. As we got closer, we noticed that she was on the phone. Boldly, we interrupted her conversation, and as Shelby spoke to the woman in front of us, I asked if I could speak to the person on the phone. Not only did I lead her in the prayer of Salvation, I had the opportunity to pray for her financial situation, without ever seeing her face. It's amazing how God can use you if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Talk to Me!

Courtney (19 yrs.)- While I was doing "drive-bys" in Harrisburg, I met a man named Anthony with a speech impediment. I spoke with him for a minute and convinced him to give his life to God. But I wasn't finished with him just yet. I knew God wanted to heal him of his stuttering, so I asked if I could lay hands on him. He agreed, and after praying with him I told him to test his faith. Funny thing was, the only way to test it was to continue talking to me. As he began to speak I noticed that his stutter was gone. God cares so much about us that nothing is too small to overlook; not even a stutter.

The Benefit Package

Shelby (13 yrs. old)- My summer goal was to get someone out of a wheelchair, and during the second round of IMPACT, I was able to do this. My team and I were ministering in Harrisburg, when we ran into Antonio and his friend Ashley. Antonio was suffering from a misaligned spine, and was unable to walk or stand. Although he was a believer, he understood very little about God's healing power. I took the liberty to explain more about the healing benefit package that he had as a Christian. After getting his permission, my team was able to lay hands on him. Immediately he told us,"I feel as though God has touched me." I asked him to test his faith and do what he could not do before. For the first time in many years, he was able to move his legs and stand up. I'll never forget the smile on his face as he continued to recieve his benefit package of healing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Man's Bestfriend Raised Up

Harry (14 yrs. old) -- I was out with Jason last year during the outreaches, and we came upon a porch occupied by a woman named Wanda with a twenty-three year old dog who needed prayer. Wanda had spent the last 2 years carrying this dog around because it could not walk under its own strength-- it had arthritis. We prayed for the dog and it was instantly healed! It walked for the first time in 2 years! Wanda began to cry, and we then explained the Gospel to her and she received Jesus. Her son was also on the porch and we had prayed with him for a car that he needed, so I explained faith to him and told him to act like he had a car.

Jason saw Wanda again this year, he asked about the dog and it's still alive and healthy! There was also a car in the front of the house, it was her son's.