Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Impact 2011

Pastor Nate (31 yrs) - We just completed an incredible week of ministry at Good News Church.  We had a lot of laborers from Good News and Grace Christian Church (from Greenville, SC) hit the streets with us to pray for people and offer free bottles of water.  After passing out over 2500 bottles of water and ministering to over 3000 people, we saw 1024 people call upon the name of Jesus for salvation and each of them have their own story.  It's amazing what can happen in one week.

One day, I went with a group of guys to some areas on Wrightsboro Road and by the end of the day, our team of 4 had 34 salvations and 4 confirmed miracles.  John Whitaker (20 yrs) prayed with a young man who had been injured in a skateboarding accident and couldn't move his arm any higher than his shoulder without grimacing in pain.  After John commanded the shoulder to be healed in Jesus name, the boy lifted his arm high above his head!  He was so excited to get back on his skateboard again!

On that same day, I spoke with two ladies who both were experiencing pain.  One of them just had surgery and was in constant pain in her abdomen and lower back.  After I commanded the pain to go in Jesus name, she bent over and touched her toes without any pain.  When I asked how she was doing, she said the pain was 100% gone!  Afterward, I prayed with her sister who was wearing a wrist brace for support because she had carpal tunnel syndrome.  She took off the brace and said the pain that was there before was completely gone.  Later, I encountered a mother who wanted prayer for her daughter because she had recently found a knot above her chest and was in constant pain.  I ministered to this 15 year old girl and the knot was dissolved instantly.  When the family of 7 witnessed this miracle, ALL of them called upon the name of Jesus to be saved!  I'm so honored to be one of many who went about doing the works of Jesus this week and partnering with Him to see lives changed for GOOD!