Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Beginning

Pastor Nate (31yrs) - On Saturday, March 12, we sent a group of 27 adults, teenagers and children into various communities of Augusta with the sole purpose of reaching people with the gospel.  After a mere 2 hours on the streets, we came back with a total of 155 salvations and several healings.  My team went to Olmstead Homes and the park at Lake Olmstead.  While we were there, I'm happy to say that Andrew and Stephen took off on a mission.  They had a goal in mind and in the last few minutes of our expedition, they went over and prayed with 28 people to be saved between the two of them!  I was extremely pleased with their excitement and passion for reaching the lost.  It wasn't just about the numbers for them; it was about changing someone's eternal destiny! 

I met a family member of someone I knew and had the opportunity to lead her in the prayer of salvation.  She didn't know if she was going to heaven at first and wasn't happy with the life she was living.  We ministered to her and shared the good news with her and her friend.  They both got saved!  Afterward, I met her daughter and learned that they had been praying for her for a while.  Praise God for answered prayers and BEING the answer to someone's prayers!

I also met Kindel.  I was walking by his apartment when I saw his face behind the screened door.  I offered him some water and a prayer and he asked if we were trying to get people to join our church.  I told him we were simply there to spread the love of God and I began talking with him about Jesus.  He had his music blaring and told me to hold on while he went inside to turn it off.  When he came back and I began telling him about how to get to go to heaven when you die, he told me to hold on again and went back inside and shut the door behind him.  I prayed he would come back out because I didn't know if he was trying to dodge me or what.  He came back out and said he wanted his friend to hear it too, but she was trippin' and wouldn't come out.  I proceeded with the gospel presentation and got to the point of decision.  Kindel was concerned that we weren't in the right place at first.  He said, "Don't I have to be in a church to say this prayer?  Or get really quiet?"  I laughed and told him we were in the perfect place to say this prayer.  He was so elated when we said "Amen" and I gave him our gospel script to share with his friend.  He said the whole Jesus story seemed too good to be true.  Even though he didn't deserve a new beginning, he got one anyway.  That's what the good news is all about!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walk This Way

Harry (14 yrs) - I was with Jason (16 yrs) at Oak Pointe. We were about to leave and go back to church. We saw a guy about a block away on the other side of the street. We chased him down and didn’t notice he had a cane until we got up close to him.  He looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone. We asked him if he’d like to walk without the cane. He said he needed 2 hip replacements but had no insurance to get it done and was going to have to pay out of pocket. He was actually very open to what we had to say. We commanded whatever was wrong to be healed. Jason took his cane away from him. When he walked this time his steps were bigger than they had been before. We laid hands on him again. This time he said all the pain was gone. As we drove off we noticed he had his cane under his arms and he was walking normally.

Go for Broke!

Grayson (13 yrs) - I was with Wesley when we encountered a girl with broken toe. We had just heard about Harry and Jason running after people to pray for them for healing; so we ran up to this lady and asked her why she was having trouble walking. She said her toe was broken. We asked if we could pray and she said yes. She was better after we laid hands on her and she asked, "What was that?" So we explained the gospel to her and she prayed the prayer of salvation.

No More Sprain or Pain

Grayson (13 yrs) - I was with Eden (7 yrs) in Cherry Tree Crossing. We prayed with a lady named Denise. We noticed that she was sitting holding her ankle. She said she had just fallen down the stairs and sprained her ankle.  We prayed for her and commanded her ankle to be healthy and strong.  Afterwards, we told her to test her faith by walking and her limp was gone!  She was able to walk perfectly after we laid hands on her and prayed.

My First Miracle

Lindsey (13 yrs) - Hope and I were in one of the communities we visit often and there was a lady walking with her kids. We approached and asked if there was anything we could pray with her about.  She told us she had back pain and internal pain.  I asked her if I could lay hands on her and she said that would be fine. I took authority over the pain in the name of Jesus. After we prayed, she said the pain was immediately gone. This was the first healing miracle I have experienced at my own hands.