Friday, June 22, 2012


Pastor Nate (32 yrs) - We've been privileged to have the opportunity to partner with students and adults from Greenville, SC and Denver, CO this week to "hit the streets" with the gospel as well as learn some amazing truths from our I Give Life course!  Our main purpose this week has been to empower these believers to give life and it's taken place in a huge way.  Every one of these students and adults has led someone to Christ this week (many of them for the first time)...and a lot of them have led numbers of people to Christ.  Others have worked their first miracle including backs, arthritis, foot pain, broken legs, broken arms and other ailments being instantly healed by the power of God flowing through them!

In one area, I met a young man who had never heard of the resurrection and what that meant for him.  He first asked me if "smokin' bud would send him to hell."  I explained the gospel to him and when I got to the part about Jesus rising from the dead, his jaw dropped!  I told him it was a literal event in history and there were 500 eyewitness accounts from people who saw Christ after he had risen from the dead.  After presenting the full gospel, he was ready to accept Christ as the only way to heaven and he said the prayer of salvation with me.  The crazy thing about this was that just a few minutes earlier, I was leading a young girl to Christ and he walked by and made a snide remark.  She said she was going to go slap him and I said, "No, let me handle him" and I approached him with the love of God and then watched God work on his heart!  Praise God!

It's been amazing to be a part of the Empowerment Revolution and being able to see over 1000 people accept Christ in ONE WEEK as a result of the ministry of the believer.  It's not hundreds of people coming to Christ at a crusade with a big-name speaker.  It's hundreds of people having a one-on-one interaction with a life-giving believer who ministers to them as an individual.  We're seeing a transition back to God's intended purpose for evangelism - every believer doing the ministry of reconciliation!  Praise God!  I want to encourage you to join the revolution and get out there and give life!

We have one final day of ministry today and we're ready for our most astonishing day yet!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stepping out of the Box

Maggie (14) - Today I went to talk to people in a neighborhood called Cherry Tree. The first time I went there, on Saturday, I was very intimidated by the people. Because of that, I didn't really talk to anyone. I think the intimidation was only part of the reason I was nervous to talk to the people. I'm usually not easily intimidated by people. I'm known as the girl who loves to talk. I think I was so out of my element that I froze. In Denver, I don't think areas like Cherry Tree exist.

So today, I went back to Cherry Tree with Pastor Gregg. This time, I was a little more familiar with the area and the people I was with. So, I had a newfound boldness and prayed with one of the first people we saw to be saved. Even though she was an interesting person (BIG fake eyelashes and fingernails even longer), God accepted her and loved her just the way she was, so I thought I should do the same.
Today I was out of my element, but I decided to let God use me and it paid off in every way.

Older Brother Accepts Christ

Orry (18) - My older brother Ethan is married to Kim and because of how close I am with her, she is also my sister. Not only in this life, but now for all Eternity. On Sunday, June 17, 2012, after a day of church, fellowship and service, I called my 25 year old brother to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, and just tell him I love him.

After listening to what I thought was my brother venting for almost twenty minutes, I suddenly felt this urgent need to tell my brother about Jesus. I had this strange but awesome feeling of boldness and courage for my brother. Hearing Ethan tell me that he felt run down and tired of being in such a bad situation with his wife and kids and having to take care of our grandma while my mom, younger sister and I are in Augusta, Georgia on a mission trip broke my heart. He told me that he felt like leaving and not looking back. Ethan said, "I have the keys in my pocket; I could leave right now and be gone forever." At that moment I felt the Holy Spirit flow into me and give me that boldness. I stopped Ethan from talking and I told him that it's not him feeling like this but the devil whispering into his ear and getting him to feel that way because Satan doesn’t want me to tell you this.  I said, "Satan had me feeling the exact same way before I got on the plane to fly out here, bro. He was telling me to give up, just walk away from my faith, it’s not even real. Satan tried to convince me so I wouldn't stretch some kid’s shoes yesterday, so I wouldn’t share this with you right now.  The Devil had you feeling like this so you won’t accept Jesus into your heart right now. I'm not saying this because I'm in Georgia on a mission trip, or because I go to church three times a week, but because I am your brother and I love you. So Ethan let me ask you, if you were to die tomorrow, would you go to heaven?"

Ethan replied by saying, "I don't know. I'm a good person and I try to do well, and I know that there is a God, but I don't know." I told Ethan right there that the only way for him to go to Heaven was for him to invite Jesus into his heart and accept Him as his Lord and Savior. With both of us crying by now, Ethan told me he wanted to invite Jesus into his life, so I led Ethan in the prayer of salvation. I know for a fact that the Holy Spirit was speaking through me, because I didn’t have a script and I don’t exactly remember what I said in that prayer. But I told Ethan as soon as we finished, "Dude, it does not matter what you have done. All the bad stuff you told me you did, all the bad stuff you haven’t told me you did! None of it matters, nothing you've done, nothing you’re doing, nothing you are ever going to do matters anymore because you meant that prayer in your heart."

By now, I sounded like a little girl and Ethan had to get his kids in the car and drive 40 minutes across town back to our grandma. We said bye, he thanked me and after I prayed and thanked God we hung up. I rejoiced and dropped to my knees because I was going to see my brother in Heaven. I immediately went to my mom and told her. I was crying so much my shirt was collecting tears, and we hugged and thanked God for what He did.

Not 15 minutes later did my sister Kim call me frantically telling me I had to talk to Ethan. She tried to hand Ethan the phone but he wouldn’t talk, any sound he made sounded muffled and not from him. I told Kim just hold up the phone to him, and began commanding the evil spirit to leave my brother alone. "In the name of Jesus Christ I bind you, and command you to go in the authority of His name. You have no power over Ethan and although I am over a thousand miles away the Holy Spirit is not, and Jesus himself is not! They are in the car with Ethan; In His name GO right now!" And just like that, Ethan came to and took the phone. He was confused and told me he was scared. He said, "For some reason Orry I just felt like jumping out of the car on the highway." I told Ethan, "That was not God. He loves you and would never want that. That was the enemy and the Bible says that Heaven is throwing a party because you meant that prayer. Satan is furious that you meant it and will try to scare you out of it, but the devil can't touch you, he has nothing on you anymore because you are a child of God. As long as you call on the name of Jesus Christ and take authority over the enemy, he will not harm you, but you must command it in the name of Jesus to go."

Ethan was again on the verge of tears, but he believed what I was telling him and he asked me "Are you serious about everything I have ever done?" I told Ethan, "I promise you that Jesus has forgiven you for all of it and there is absolutely no doubt that He loves you." 

Ethan told me that he loved me and that he wanted me to tell mom and our sister that he loves them too, and he thanked me for everything I've done and he had to go take care of his kids and wife. I told him just before he hung up to get the Bible under my bed and read some of it. You don’t have to read a whole bunch, and you don’t have to do it tonight, just open it up and read some before I get back from Georgia and to start in the book of John!

It was so amazing to have the boldness to do this after six years of being too scared of rejection.  Thank God for the Holy Spirit empowering me to be a witness!

Boy Stops Smoking After Prayer

Maggie (14) - Today while I was out on the outreach, Pastor Nate and I came upon a man who could only speak Spanish. So Pastor Nate pulled up one our scripts in Spanish so he could talk to this man. I, of course, couldn't speak any spanish. So while I awkwardly stood there, I zoned out and I saw a boy about my age walking up a hill near the park. So while Pastor Nate continued with the gospel in Spanish, I ran over to the boy to ask for any prayer requests. His name was Johnathan and he was 13 years old. He told me he had an addiction to cigarettes and it had been that way since he was 8 years old.  He told me he had started getting into smoking because of his biological father who forced him to smoke with him.

I told Johnathan how  I knew a man who died of smoking at a young age. I told him how his decisions as a kid, like smoking, could affect his life as an older man. He agreed with every word I said, and I could tell he didnt want to smoke, but he said it's very hard because everyone around him smokes. So we talked for a while about how he could decide his fate right now and stop with the help of Jesus. After talking to him about this he said that he had a cigar in his pocket and he took it out and broke it apart and said he would stop smoking and try his best to change his future.

I felt so good that I had talked to him about this and prayed for him.  I thank God for giving me the boldness to run over to him in the first place. I also feel that I helped myself in a way today during that conversation. I feel like by seeing his sad lifestyle that it made me even more thankful for where I live and the parents I have. I and truly blessed.

The Invitation

Harry (16 yrs.) - On Saturday I was in Dogwood Terrace with my buddies--Kris and Tyler. We only had a few moments to do a quick blitz of the neighborhood. We were in the middle of sharing the Gospel with a group of kids when a guy in a car called me over and asked me what we were doing. I proceeded to tell him we were out handing out bottled water and praying with people. He responded and told me that he was on his way to the store and would be back shortly. We continued to go on our way and planned to meet him again before we were headed back to the church.

After we prayed with the kids, we saw the man drive back by again. So we made our way over to his car, which was about a block away. I was interrupted on my way to the guy's car by another man asking us what we were doing. He was standing behind a screened door. We followed the script, and the man was so eager to call on Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His face changed immediately after that prayer. We continued to walk towards the man's car, and finally, we met the man. His name was Dexter, and he was very curious about what we were doing. I asked him the "million dollar question," and he thought, in his own words, he was "going to heaven for sure, hopefully." I told him we can know for sure, without a doubt that heaven is our home. He had a puzzled look on his face and said he had never heard anything like this before. Dexter and his friend Tiffany called on Jesus right on his porch.

The interesting thing about these testimonies is that normally when we are out, we have to approach people and grab their attention, but these guys approached us and grabbed our attention. I am used to giving people an invitation to receive God's gift of salvation, but Dexter and the other man gave me the invitation to reach out to them.

Twin Dad Gets New Life!

Gregg - (32yrs)

Yesterday, we went back to a neighborhood that we'd been to before, but this time it was in the evening.  We wanted to change the schedule up to see if more people would be out, and YES, more people were definitely out! 

My team walked around passing out waters, and met this guy who told us to pray for his jobs, and that he had just found out he was going to be the dad of twins!  It was so neat to have a connection with him right on the spot, and that we were able to talk about what we had in common, and give him a little twin advice!  Before too long, his sister pulled up in the car and we were able to tell her the good news about her being an Auntie, and then we told her even greater news about Jesus!  They both prayed the prayer of salvation, and were changed.  Joshua (the twin dad) told us that he needed that, and he was sooo grateful that we talked to him.

Whose eternal destiny can you change today?  Who do you know that needs the good news of Jesus?  Who can you talk to in partnership with the Holy Spirit that needs to hear something like that today?

Excited to continue the journey!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healing the Lost

Sophia (10th Grade) - Today while walking on the street, me and Jessi were walking in the neighborhoods, speaking to people about Christ. We saw a woman get out of her car and we decided to go and talk with her. The Holy Spirit called upon us to go and carry out God's work.  So we walked over to her and asked if we could speak with her. We stood in the shade of her apartment building and we led her to the Lord. She began crying and we just knew that she needed to hear that prayer that day. After this, we held her and comforted her. We did not know what was going on in her life, but we knew that now she had someone she could lean upon in times of trouble.

We then asked if she needed prayer and she said she wanted us to pray for her aching bones in her ankles because she had arthritis in her limbs. We then laid hands upon her and commanded the pain to go. We ministered to her three times and then she was healed completely.  She had problems walking before, but I could tell as she was walking away that she was healed.  I praised the Lord and Jessi and I just went out and reached out for others. We prayed for two kids and we also healed a boy's lungs.  He had asthma in his lungs and he couldn't run very well and we watched him take a deep breath and he said he could not do that very well before. We definitively saw changes in that boy and simply going around the neighborhoods, we came across many people who were already saved. I found it astounding to see people already saved and living out God's plan.  It just makes me think that our people must be doing a very good job about preaching and ministering to people. I just found that absolutely astounding and I am so glad I get opportunities like this for the rest of the week.  I can't wait to find out more and see more about what God has to offer for me!    

Empowered to Give Life!

Gregg (32yrs) - 

We are a few days into our mission trip to Empower 2012, and are already seeing God work in miraculous ways!  I can't wait for you to read and hear all the stories from the students and adults from Greenville, Augusta, and Colorado.  I had the privilege of sharing my story on Sunday morning of how I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and this enabled a few people to get over their fears, questions, and concerns.  Jesus promised us that He would send the Holy Spirit as a counselor, comforter, and as one who would give us power.  We've learned this week from Acts 1:8 that the Holy Spirit's power is God's plan to change the world, as we are empowered to be His witnesses! 

  We had several students from Colorado receive an outpouring of the Holy Spirit from God at Camp Overflow, and they are being Empowered this week to Give Life!  On Saturday after we returned from camp, we immediately hit the streets to share the good news with people.  The first three ladies we encountered had never accepted Christ, and when we were done telling them about Jesus, they were ready to accept Jesus!  When we were out on the streets today, one of the teens prayed with her first person to receive Christ after presenting the gospel reading directly from the scripts provided.  God is so good and people are so open to this method of presenting the most powerful message on the planet.  Just alone from our group in one area, we prayed with 44 people to be saved.  Over 200 people gave their lives to Christ TODAY during our time of ministry!  

  I am excited for more ministry and for more people to hear the message as we continue to step out in faith and present the gospel in boldness! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Scores of Salvations

PNatey (32 yrs) - Following our camp for students in 6th-12th grade, Camp Overflow, we took 52 students and adults on the streets with an organized outreach.  Because of having 100 people at camp, everything took longer than expected, so by the time we were ready to go out, we really only had 45 minutes to minister in the various neighborhoods where God led us.  By the time all of our teams had gathered back for dinner, we led 155 people to Jesus!

I was with Brian and Jay and we had tremendous testimonies!  At one point, Brian (11 yrs) saw a large group of people on the basketball court and was immediately wanting to go minister to them.  You see, at camp, Brian received the Holy Spirit and was empowered to be a witness (Acts 1:8).  I told him to let me run grab the cooler full of water and we'd head over there.  Jay was off getting another guy saved while Brian and I started wheeling the cooler to the court.  Brian shouted, "Come get some FREE WATER!"  It was like we had fish food!  They all came over and grabbed a bottle.  I presented the gospel and Brian led 16 young men and women in the prayer of salvation.  After he got done praying, he said, "Now, who needs healing in their body?" 

One guy perked up and said he had just twisted his ankle playing ball.  I shared with him from our blue Miracle Working script and then Brian laid hands on him and commanded the pain to go!  He said it was a little better but after we ministered to him once more, he said, "I'm straight now!"

I believe Brian is a shining example of Acts 1:8 and what happens when the Holy Spirit empowers believers!  He said he would have never done that before camp!

This is just one of many miraculous stories that God did in just 45 minutes!  What can He do if you give Him something to work with?