Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walk This Way

Harry (14 yrs) - I was with Jason (16 yrs) at Oak Pointe. We were about to leave and go back to church. We saw a guy about a block away on the other side of the street. We chased him down and didn’t notice he had a cane until we got up close to him.  He looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone. We asked him if he’d like to walk without the cane. He said he needed 2 hip replacements but had no insurance to get it done and was going to have to pay out of pocket. He was actually very open to what we had to say. We commanded whatever was wrong to be healed. Jason took his cane away from him. When he walked this time his steps were bigger than they had been before. We laid hands on him again. This time he said all the pain was gone. As we drove off we noticed he had his cane under his arms and he was walking normally.

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