Friday, July 30, 2010

Goals for Souls

Grayson (13 yrs.)- At the beginning of the summer I set a goal to lead 100 people to Christ. However, I ended up increasing that number to 300 after the first round of IMPACT. There was alot of pressure on me to complete this goal, not only from others, but from myself. Three hundred is a huge number, especially when there are people who are already saved, a different religion, or just don't care.
Being 13 years old, it was hard to be taken seriously, especially in large group settings. I had always been nervous about sharing the gospel in front of a crowd, but during IMPACT I overcame this fear.
The first time I spoke in front of a crowd, people weren't paying attention. Out of pure frustration I raised my voice to where they could hear me over the noise. My fear was gone; God gave me the courage to share the gospel and ultimately lead 14 people in the Prayer of Salvation.
From then on, everytime there was a large crowd, I was the elected speaker. Despite my fear, God used me, and continues to use me, to reach multiple people at a time. As a result of this God-given courage, I easily met my goal.

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