Thursday, August 26, 2010

Give Me That Cane!

Jessica (15 yrs) - I was with Shelby and we ran into a guy named George who had arthritis in one leg. He said he was already saved. He was walking with a cane in downtown Augusta. We asked him if he believed in healing and he said “Yea of course I believe God can heal me.” Shelby and I laid hands on his leg in the name of Jesus. We took his cane from him and told him to do something he couldn’t do before. He started jogging and left with cane tucked up under his arm!

Grayson (13 yrs) - -I was with Jessi, Tori, and Wesley. We met a lady who was already saved. She had a cane and said she had rheumatoid arthritis in her leg, knee, and calf. If she walked any distance without her cane she would fall. We prayed with her and then walked with her ¼ mile around the walking track without cane.  She was completely healed!

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