Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fearless Persistence

Wesley (16yrs.) - One day, in Harrisburg, I was with Rebekah and Elizabeth. We spotted 6 people standing outside an apartment complex. By the time we made our way to the apartments the number of people in the group had grown. As I started presenting the gospel story everyone left except for three people. I was determined to talk to the ones who went inside, so I went to the door on the left and found a few of the people that had disappeared when I was talking. I continued with the gospel story. Then, I walked to the door on the right where the rest of the group had gone. There were maybe five people but one was already saved. They all listened as I presented the gospel for the second time. Elizabeth and Rebekah were still ministering to the ones who stayed outside. All nine of them prayed the prayer of Salvation and knew with confidence that they were going to go to heaven when they died. I thought it was awesome that because I was persistent seven people accepted Christ. Sometimes it is hard to get people to listen in a group setting, but you just have to step out in boldness and be persistent.

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