Thursday, August 12, 2010

Residual Miracle

PNatey (30 yrs) - As a youth pastor and leader in the body of Christ, I have the unique mission of empowering young people to give life as they are bold witnesses for Christ. And I'm honored to write that the mission is happening! Praise God for students who are unashamed and fearless when it comes to reaching people. One day I was out with a number of students in Dogwood Terrace. We came across a large group of people (about 30) and we all split off to talk to folks and minister to them. I cornered a couple of older ladies and asked them if they needed prayer. One of them asked me to pray for a rison that she had under her arm. It had caused her pain for several weeks and would not go away. I spoke to the pain and commanded it to leave...and it did! She was so ecstatic. Immediately after I prayed, the other lady said, "Wow! My headache is gone, too!" That's what we call a residual miracle! I didn't even pray specifically for her, but the power of God flowed through her as well. They were both excited about what God had done and accepted Christ as their Savior right on the spot.

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