Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Empowered to Give Life!

Gregg (32yrs) - 

We are a few days into our mission trip to Empower 2012, and are already seeing God work in miraculous ways!  I can't wait for you to read and hear all the stories from the students and adults from Greenville, Augusta, and Colorado.  I had the privilege of sharing my story on Sunday morning of how I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and this enabled a few people to get over their fears, questions, and concerns.  Jesus promised us that He would send the Holy Spirit as a counselor, comforter, and as one who would give us power.  We've learned this week from Acts 1:8 that the Holy Spirit's power is God's plan to change the world, as we are empowered to be His witnesses! 

  We had several students from Colorado receive an outpouring of the Holy Spirit from God at Camp Overflow, and they are being Empowered this week to Give Life!  On Saturday after we returned from camp, we immediately hit the streets to share the good news with people.  The first three ladies we encountered had never accepted Christ, and when we were done telling them about Jesus, they were ready to accept Jesus!  When we were out on the streets today, one of the teens prayed with her first person to receive Christ after presenting the gospel reading directly from the scripts provided.  God is so good and people are so open to this method of presenting the most powerful message on the planet.  Just alone from our group in one area, we prayed with 44 people to be saved.  Over 200 people gave their lives to Christ TODAY during our time of ministry!  

  I am excited for more ministry and for more people to hear the message as we continue to step out in faith and present the gospel in boldness! 

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