Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Invitation

Harry (16 yrs.) - On Saturday I was in Dogwood Terrace with my buddies--Kris and Tyler. We only had a few moments to do a quick blitz of the neighborhood. We were in the middle of sharing the Gospel with a group of kids when a guy in a car called me over and asked me what we were doing. I proceeded to tell him we were out handing out bottled water and praying with people. He responded and told me that he was on his way to the store and would be back shortly. We continued to go on our way and planned to meet him again before we were headed back to the church.

After we prayed with the kids, we saw the man drive back by again. So we made our way over to his car, which was about a block away. I was interrupted on my way to the guy's car by another man asking us what we were doing. He was standing behind a screened door. We followed the script, and the man was so eager to call on Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His face changed immediately after that prayer. We continued to walk towards the man's car, and finally, we met the man. His name was Dexter, and he was very curious about what we were doing. I asked him the "million dollar question," and he thought, in his own words, he was "going to heaven for sure, hopefully." I told him we can know for sure, without a doubt that heaven is our home. He had a puzzled look on his face and said he had never heard anything like this before. Dexter and his friend Tiffany called on Jesus right on his porch.

The interesting thing about these testimonies is that normally when we are out, we have to approach people and grab their attention, but these guys approached us and grabbed our attention. I am used to giving people an invitation to receive God's gift of salvation, but Dexter and the other man gave me the invitation to reach out to them.

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