Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Twin Dad Gets New Life!

Gregg - (32yrs)

Yesterday, we went back to a neighborhood that we'd been to before, but this time it was in the evening.  We wanted to change the schedule up to see if more people would be out, and YES, more people were definitely out! 

My team walked around passing out waters, and met this guy who told us to pray for his jobs, and that he had just found out he was going to be the dad of twins!  It was so neat to have a connection with him right on the spot, and that we were able to talk about what we had in common, and give him a little twin advice!  Before too long, his sister pulled up in the car and we were able to tell her the good news about her being an Auntie, and then we told her even greater news about Jesus!  They both prayed the prayer of salvation, and were changed.  Joshua (the twin dad) told us that he needed that, and he was sooo grateful that we talked to him.

Whose eternal destiny can you change today?  Who do you know that needs the good news of Jesus?  Who can you talk to in partnership with the Holy Spirit that needs to hear something like that today?

Excited to continue the journey!

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