Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healing the Lost

Sophia (10th Grade) - Today while walking on the street, me and Jessi were walking in the neighborhoods, speaking to people about Christ. We saw a woman get out of her car and we decided to go and talk with her. The Holy Spirit called upon us to go and carry out God's work.  So we walked over to her and asked if we could speak with her. We stood in the shade of her apartment building and we led her to the Lord. She began crying and we just knew that she needed to hear that prayer that day. After this, we held her and comforted her. We did not know what was going on in her life, but we knew that now she had someone she could lean upon in times of trouble.

We then asked if she needed prayer and she said she wanted us to pray for her aching bones in her ankles because she had arthritis in her limbs. We then laid hands upon her and commanded the pain to go. We ministered to her three times and then she was healed completely.  She had problems walking before, but I could tell as she was walking away that she was healed.  I praised the Lord and Jessi and I just went out and reached out for others. We prayed for two kids and we also healed a boy's lungs.  He had asthma in his lungs and he couldn't run very well and we watched him take a deep breath and he said he could not do that very well before. We definitively saw changes in that boy and simply going around the neighborhoods, we came across many people who were already saved. I found it astounding to see people already saved and living out God's plan.  It just makes me think that our people must be doing a very good job about preaching and ministering to people. I just found that absolutely astounding and I am so glad I get opportunities like this for the rest of the week.  I can't wait to find out more and see more about what God has to offer for me!    

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