Friday, June 22, 2012


Pastor Nate (32 yrs) - We've been privileged to have the opportunity to partner with students and adults from Greenville, SC and Denver, CO this week to "hit the streets" with the gospel as well as learn some amazing truths from our I Give Life course!  Our main purpose this week has been to empower these believers to give life and it's taken place in a huge way.  Every one of these students and adults has led someone to Christ this week (many of them for the first time)...and a lot of them have led numbers of people to Christ.  Others have worked their first miracle including backs, arthritis, foot pain, broken legs, broken arms and other ailments being instantly healed by the power of God flowing through them!

In one area, I met a young man who had never heard of the resurrection and what that meant for him.  He first asked me if "smokin' bud would send him to hell."  I explained the gospel to him and when I got to the part about Jesus rising from the dead, his jaw dropped!  I told him it was a literal event in history and there were 500 eyewitness accounts from people who saw Christ after he had risen from the dead.  After presenting the full gospel, he was ready to accept Christ as the only way to heaven and he said the prayer of salvation with me.  The crazy thing about this was that just a few minutes earlier, I was leading a young girl to Christ and he walked by and made a snide remark.  She said she was going to go slap him and I said, "No, let me handle him" and I approached him with the love of God and then watched God work on his heart!  Praise God!

It's been amazing to be a part of the Empowerment Revolution and being able to see over 1000 people accept Christ in ONE WEEK as a result of the ministry of the believer.  It's not hundreds of people coming to Christ at a crusade with a big-name speaker.  It's hundreds of people having a one-on-one interaction with a life-giving believer who ministers to them as an individual.  We're seeing a transition back to God's intended purpose for evangelism - every believer doing the ministry of reconciliation!  Praise God!  I want to encourage you to join the revolution and get out there and give life!

We have one final day of ministry today and we're ready for our most astonishing day yet!

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